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  • Individual - $35 per year
  • Family - $60 per year

All Memberships are due January 1st

1st year membership are $35 till November 1st then you receive 14 months for the price of 12 if you sign up after November 1st.


  • Save $208 per year just on our weekly dance
  • Members receive $ 4 discount on our weekly club dance and other discounts to come
  • Other discounts on dance items
  • You must be a club member to compete in our monthly club competitions


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If you pay for your membership on line please send your

  • name,
  • address
  • telephone number,
  • E-Mail address and
  • Birthday to:

OCWCSDC Membership
P.O. Box 6402
Orange, California 92863-6402
Voice/Fax 866-206-9076

or E-Mail your information to:

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VIP Lifetime Memberships can be revoked at any time upon notice by Jack Smith