Novice Mixed Level Strictly Swing Contest


Since the spirit of this competition is to challenge contestants to compete with someone they do not normally compete or socially dance with, to provide an opportunity for the lower level dancers to compete with an upper level dancer, and to provide as level a floor for the competition as possible with no known advantage given to any competitors, the following rules have been established:


1. No contestant who has placed in our Open Strictly Swing contest before (1st through 3rd) may dance with that same partner again in a subsequent Strictly Swing contest.
2. No contestant may partner with another contestant if they have entered any couples
contest together at any event.
3. No dancer may enter the contest with a “Pro-Am” partner. No teacher/student (past or present) relationships are allowed in this contest.
4. You may not dance with a partner at your same competition level. Intermediate, Advanced, All-Star and Champion dancers must dance with Novice partners.


1. The first 30 couples to sign up will be the ones to compete that evening.
2. The fee to sign up will be $10.00 per couple, and the entire combined jackpot will be
divided among 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
3. If a couple makes the decision to have only one person sign up for both partners, this may
be done. However, the person signing up must pay the full $10.00 couple fee, and, if the other person does not show up by the time the contest begins, the $10.00 will be forfeited and added to the jackpot to be presented to the top 3 couples.
4. The decision as to whether to run a preliminary contest and a finals or only a finals, will be
made depending on the number of couples signed up. If there are 15 or more
couples, the contest will have a preliminary and then a finals contest. The preliminary will
be run on an elimination basis and the number of couples brought back for finals will be
determined by the natural break in the judges’ scores.

Jackie Ford,
Contest Coordinator 4/25/2010
for questions or comments contact Jackie at